Looking for Comprehensive Health Care Benefits?

  • Is the most expensive benefit you offer to your employees the one that causes them the most frustration?
  • Is the employee’s portion of the premium such a financial burden that many of them opt out, leaving them and their loved ones with little access to health care services?
  • Do participating employees complain about lack of coverage, high deductibles, or their portion of the premium being too expensive?
  • Would avoiding sick days and unnecessary hospital stays improve your company’s productivity?
  • Are you paying too much for healthcare benefits?
  • Have you ever been surprised by premium increases or end of the plan year adjustments that significantly impact your bottom line?
  • Are your employees with coverage neglecting care out of fear of “surprise charges”?


We have you covered!

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The Foundation

Employee assistance program with access for everyone and generous first dollar benefits.

Primary Care


You have direct access to your own virtual primary care provider for your routine medical needs, unlimited access, $0 co-pays.

In-Person Wellness Doctor Visit


– Keep Your Doctor

Up to two a year reimbursed; see any doctor.

Vision Screening & Dental Cleanings


Up to $250 total reimbursed per year, see any provider

Preventive Care


From lab tests through mammograms and colonoscopies all free.

Physical Health & Wellness


From gym memberships to weight loss, up to $250 total reimbursed per year.

Low-Cost Prescriptions


You have access to some of the lowest-priced prescription medication locally, by mail order, or international. Use anytime.

Mental Health & Substance Counseling


From psychiatrist to counseling up to $500 total reimbursed per year; see any provider.

Tobacco Cessation


Help quitting if you need to – up to $250 reimbursed (one-time)

Add on Protection

Choose medical cost sharing or traditional insurance to provide for larger medical expenses.


Medical Cost Sharing


This option provides a low-cost, non-insurance option to protect against larger unexpected health care bills. It is membership in a non-profit national community of people who share in each other’s medical bills. Limitations and exclusions apply.


No networks. See any doctor or provider you choose. Free 2nd opinion.

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Traditional Health Insurance


This option provides a generous employer contribution for you to buy a traditional health insurance plan through an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA)

  • For employees that prefer traditional insurance.
  • Purchase any individual health plan available in your area (often 20+ choices).
  • Receive a generous financial contribution from us to help you.


Questions? Contact JTime Solutions to learn more about how you can benefit.

Employee Support Videos

Here are some videos we have put together to walk employees through these components, to help give you a better sense of of the employee support from our team:

Health Benefits

Employee Assistance

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